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Climate, Average Weather of Spain

The climate of Spain varies across the country. Three main climatic zones can be distinguished, according to geographical situation and orographic conditions.

  • The Mediterranean climate is characterised by dry and warm summers and cool to mild and wet winters. According to the Köppen climate classification, it is dominant on the Iberian Peninsula, particularly the Csa variety with summer droughts covering all but the far northern part of the country where the Oceanic climate predominates. Local climatic categorizations divide this climate into "Standard Mediterranean" of lowland regions and "Continentalized" mediterranean of the interior, according to altitude and the mildness/harshness of the winter season. The standard mediterranean covers coastal areas (excluding the northern Atlantic coast) the Guadalquivir river basin and the lower reaches of the Tagus and Guadiana basins to the west of the country. The "Continentalized" Mediterranean climate predominates in Spain's vast table lands (Meseta Central) of the interior.
  • The oceanic climate (Cfb) is located in the northern part of the country, especially in the regions of Basque Country, Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia.
  • The semiarid climate (Bsh, Bsk) is located in the south eastern part of the country, especially in the region of Murcia and in the Ebro valley. In contrast to the Mediterranean climate, the dry season continues beyond the end of summer.

Apart from the three main climate zones, other sub-zones can be found, such as the alpine climate in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, a typical subtropical climate in the Canary Islands and the southern coast and a Hot Arid climate in parts of the South East Coast, notably around Almeria city and the Cabo de Gata region.
Source for text: Wikipedia.

Location Lat. Long. Alt. m(ft) Climate Biome Av. Temp. Precip.
Gijon43°33'N5°38'W29 (95)Cfb-14 (57)1034 (41)
Santander, Cantabria43°29'N3°48'W59 (194)CfbWarm temperate moist forest14 (58)1268 (50)
La Coruna43°22'N8°25'W67 (220)CsbCool temperate moist forest14 (57)996 (39)
Oviedo43°21'N5°52'W339 (1112)CfbCool temperate moist forest13 (55)971 (38)
San Sebastian/ Igueldo43°18'N2°2'W259 (850)CfbWarm temperate moist forest13 (55)1581 (62)
Logrono/ Agoncillo42°27'N2°20'W363 (1191)BSkCool temperate steppe13 (56)388 (15)
Burgos/ Villafria42°21'N3°37'W892 (2927)CfbCool temperate steppe10 (50)573 (23)
Vigo/ Peinador42°14'N8°37'W258 (846)CsbWarm temperate moist forest13 (56)1952 (77)
Gerona/ Costa Brava41°55'N2°46'E129 (423)CfaWarm temperate dry forest14 (58)746 (29)
Zaragoza, Aragon41°40'N1°0'W258 (846)BSkCool temperate steppe15 (58)314 (12)
Valladolid41°39'N4°46'W735 (2411)CsbCool temperate steppe12 (54)443 (17)
Barcelona41°18'N2°4'E5 (16)Csa-15 (60)658 (26)
Salamanca/ Matacan40°58'N5°30'W794 (2605)CsbCool temperate steppe12 (53)389 (15)
Tortosa40°49'N0°29'E50 (164)CsaWarm temperate dry forest17 (63)558 (22)
Madrid40°28'N3°33'W582 (1909)BSkWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (57)412 (16)
Madrid (B)40°25'N3°41'W667 (2188)CsaWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (58)456 (18)
Mahon/ Mao, Menorca39°51'N4°13'E86 (282)Csa-17 (62)600 (24)
Palma De Mallorca, Majorca39°34'N2°44'E5 (16)BSkWarm temperate thorn steppe16 (60)423 (17)
Valencia39°29'N0°28'W62 (203)CsaSubtropical thorn woodland17 (62)480 (19)
Caceres39°28'N6°20'W405 (1329)CsaWarm temperate thorn steppe16 (61)509 (20)
Ciudad Real38°59'N3°55'W629 (2064)CsaWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (58)450 (18)
Albacete/ Los Llanos38°57'N1°52'W704 (2310)BSkCool temperate steppe13 (56)366 (14)
Badajoz38°53'N6°50'W192 (630)CsaWarm temperate thorn steppe16 (61)515 (20)
Ibiza38°53'N1°23'E17 (56)BSk-18 (64)421 (17)
Alicante, Costa Blanca38°22'N0°30'W82 (269)BSk-18 (64)357 (14)
Cordoba37°51'N4°51'W92 (302)CsaSubtropical dry forest17 (63)606 (24)
Murcia/ San Javier37°47'N0°48'W3 (10)BSkWarm temperate thorn steppe17 (62)328 (13)
Seville37°24'N5°54'W31 (102)CsaSubtropical dry forest18 (65)607 (24)
Almeria, Costa Del Sol36°51'N2°21'W21 (69)BWhWarm temperate desert scrub19 (65)226 (9)
Jerez De La Frontera36°45'N6°3'W28 (92)CsaSubtropical dry forest18 (64)646 (25)
Malaga36°41'N4°29'W7 (23)CsaWarm temperate thorn steppe18 (64)582 (23)
Cadiz36°32'N6°18'W14 (46)CsaSubtropical dry forest18 (65)641 (25)
Melilla35°17'N2°57'W55 (180)BSh-19 (65)368 (14)
Lanzarote28°57'N13°36'W21 (69)BWh-21 (69)112 (4)
 Spain Average39°42'N3°18'W234 (766)CsaWarm temperate thorn steppe15 (60)617 (24)

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